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Expert guidance from our internationally award winning photographers

Welcome to CNP Safaris, Africa’s Leader in Specialist Wildlife Photographic Safaris

Capture world class wildlife photography when you join our luxury safaris and tours. Our safaris take you to not only highly sought after areas in the most remote corners of Africa but also to various unique destinations around the world. With expert guidance from our internationally renowned wildlife photographers, we will teach you the photographic know-how to maximize your number of “keepers”, novice and seasoned photographers alike.

We promise to fully leverage exquisite wildlife viewing areas and host you in custom-designed fully loaded Photographic Safari Vehicles and Photographic Safari Boats, with free use of our professional cameras and lenses, not available anywhere else*. Imagine yourself experiencing business-class-in-the-bush and completing your Wildlife Photographic Safari deeply satisfied.

* Subject to safari destination


Our destinations have been carefully put together by our experienced wildlife photographers to not only ensure that you have a great time, but that you get the opportunity to capture breathtaking wildlife photography moments.

Just launched!! – Leopards and Shepherds, India – 2021






As Wildlife Photographers, it is often challenging to find time in our busy lives to do justice to our passion. So many potentially great opportunities are either missed, or simply fade into obscurity.

Let the world leaders in specialised Wildlife Photographic travel support you in becoming the Wildlife Photographer that you want to be. The CNP Mentorship Support Program allow you to choose one of three different options that will suit your budget and the time you might have available for this Support Program.

Familiar statements?

  • I am doing a safari soon and would like to be photography fit before I go.
  • Nearly a year had passed since your last trip and you have still not selected your best images.
  • You do not have an effective rating system in place to differentiate between the good, the promising and the indifferent in your portfolio of wildlife images.
  • The photographic skills you acquired during your most recent safari are all but lost and now you have to start acquiring them all over again.
  • Over the years you have accumulated a vast number of images with which you have e effectively done nothing at all.
  • You would like to showcase your images but don’t really know how to do it.
Then this is the program for you!