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Wildlife photography HIDE in the Greater Kruger

CNP Safaris offers you a connected Nature experience at the Klipspringer Lodge, while supporting you to capture the essence through pictorial storytelling

We help you to see the Natural world differently


It is not difficult to offer you a game drive, hide or boat safari and show you animals in their Natural environment.

Running through a mammal or a bird checklist hinders you from slowing down and experiencing the true stories and lessons Nature has to offer.

Here is the problem we have with this limited approach!

The photographic opportunities are waisted if you can’t capture the true essence of the action and interactions between species at play.

CNP Safaris, as your tour leader, have developed the ability to not only look at a Nature scene, but to record the actions and interactions in such a way that you are left with not only an impactful portfolio of images, but ultimately a much deeper Nature connectedness, which in return, create personal wellness.

Instead of only looking, you will be able to truly see and capture Nature’s storytelling vividly!

As your photographic tour leader, we take responsibility for positioning and guiding you so that you can exponentially grow as a Nature photographer.

Trusted by hundreds of wildlife photographers

We teach you how to see & capture Nature's stories at play

Looking is not the same as seeing


Creating confidence, connection & wellness

Specialised photographic vehicles, boats and hide

Designed by Wildlife Photographers for Wildlife Photographers

Professional Photography Support on hand at all times

Complete and practical photography support

Connecting with Nature's splendour while capturing the endless photographic action around you.

Take a quick look at what the  Klipspringer Lodge in the Greater Kruger, with CNP can offer you.


"Klipspringer Hide was a wonderful new surprise. The animals just kept marching in! "

Carol Gregory

Wildlife Photographer


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What makes Klipspringer Lodge Special?

“The location was wonderful, remote and full of animals. We spent long hours in the photo hide and there was a lot of activity to keep us busy. For photographers, it was a “target-rich” opportunity, which is exactly what we look for.”

Carol Grenier & Patrick Pevey

Ready to capture and connect?

Download the Selati Klipspringer Lodge brochure for more details. We are here to assist and guide you with any questions.

wildife photography hide in Greater Kruger

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