Photo safari vehicle

Kenya and Tanzania

Custom built Iveco 4x4


Photography setup

Not only comfortable, but the seat and camera rig design allows you to get into position quickly and with minimal effort.

With 4 (+1 Instructor) photography seats, this is perfect for small groups or private travel.

Wide window openings with roll up canvass on either side of each photographer, you can easily operate both sides of the vehicle with ease.

The double gimbal head allows each photographer to mount 2x camera/lens side by side. 

The raised ride height compared to traditional safari vehicles means less obstruction from grass and other vehicles, which allows for interesting and unique perspectives.

CNP Safaris in action | Masai Mara, Serengeti


In all forms of photography, an important aspect to consider is the angle or perspective you select in relation to your subject.

In many nature photography situations, an eye-level view is preferable, especially if you have smaller subjects and/or clean foregrounds. On the plains of East Africa though, things are a bit different.

Tall grasslands, and as is the case during the Wildebeest mega herd river crossings, space is limited around the crossing points, hence our vehicle design.

The raised ride height compared to traditional safari vehicles means fewer obstructions.

But there is another massive advantage from sitting higher when you do move closer to the action. You will find that with the wider angle shots, you can capture wider scenes with full depth of field as you have eliminated the potentially busy foreground.

Bonus – we provide all CNP guests on the vehicle with a professional camera and telephoto lenses (Yes, at no extra cost). So there is never a need to drive right up to the wildlife, thus removing any acute angles.


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