Photo safari vehicle

Botswana, Chobe River

Custom built boat | The original


Photography setup

8x Photography chairs centrally aligned means very little sideways movement when drifting.

No Permanent roof means 100% visibility at all times, no missed opportunities of birds in flight, and there is an endless amount on this magical stretch of water. Cover is available should a summer’s afternoon rain shower pour down.

Shoot al the way from water level up to 9ft /3 meter above the floor, always get the best perspective.

8x photography seats or up to 22 standard seats plus 2 photography seats, rearrange any combination thereof that suits your groups requirements. Any non-photographers on board can have a standard seat, close by the snacks and drinks maybe.

Standard seating is great for corporate groups where there might be only one or two photography enthusiasts onboard and the rest of the group would rather just experience the breathtaking scenes unfolding in front of them. 

Perfect for groups of birder safaris.

We have 2 boats available in the same configuration as above.

CNP Safaris in action | Chobe River, Botswana


In all forms of photography, one very important aspect is to always consider the angle or perspective that you select in relation to your subject.

In many nature photography situations, an eye-level view is preferable, especially if you have smaller subjects and/or clean foregrounds. Photographing on the Chobe River, an eye-level perspective is perfect most of the time, then when the rains have gone and the water level starts dropping, some islands are above us reducing visibility. We’ve got you covered! 

Get up on your chair, and with the gas-lift and vertical crank system, simply bring your camera up straight in front you. 

Bonus, we provide all CNP Guests on this vehicle with professional wildlife camera gear and telephoto lenses (Yes, at no extra cost)


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