NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY SECRETS is for the wildly passionate Nature Photographer who wants to get the most out of every scene and continually advance their photography skills.

Each episode explores revolutionary ways to take full advantage of today’s digital equipment and master the skills needed to capture and edit world-class images.

Learn from incredible stories how to be prepared for anything and maximize the variety of successful shots you get from every encounter.

Ready To Take Your Nature Photography To The Next level?

As a passionate Nature Photographer you are probably always looking for:

That is why we decided to join forces and create this podcast – Nature Photography Secrets -for you!

With over 70 years combined Award-winning photographic experience, we wanted to share the powerful photographic recipe that will set you up for repeated success and push your photographic edge.

If you are ready to turn your passion into world-class images then please join us on this journey where we will share the playbook – including tools, tips and stories of epic encounters- that will profoundly enhance your results.


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Services We Offer

Taking your photography to the next level is so much easier to achieve when you are supported and have the right tools.


Working privately with a photography mentor is the best way to improve your skills quickly. By reviewing your photos, Lou can tell exactly what you can do to get better results. Click here to find out more.

Destination Travel

There are so many places in the world to truly take in Nature’s Glory. We have hand selected exclusive destinations that are rich with opportunities to maximise your photographic results. Find out more here.

Lou's Photography Blog

Journey inside the mind of Lou’s world as he shares his uncommon point of view on innovative ways on how to think like a landscape photographer and shoot like a sports photographer.

Photographic Journey

Lou is passionate about story telling and his mission in life is to capture spectacular moments, share nature’s stories and be a mentor to fellow enthusiasts.Follow Lou’s photographic journey on Facebook.

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Hear From Client Success Stories

Since my mentorship program with Lou, I am now shooting with regular shutter speeds of 1/5000 and more! Lou has changed my photographic capabilities and I can highly recommend his mentorship program to you and all of those who are battling with their photography and most especially, with slow shutter speeds! Thanks Lou for sharing your recipe and intellectual property with me!
Nature Photography mentorship Program
Ted Swindon
Wildlife Photographer
I have spent a small fortune to visit some exotic destinations and ended up being disappointed when viewing my images back home.Lou knows his field of expertise and based on a review of your nominated photographs, he is able to analyse the scene and using your metadata, give you informed feedback on possible flaws in your nature photography or camera techniques.
Nature Photography mentorship Program
Johan Croucamp
Wildlife Photographer
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You will receive a FREE copy of ” The 5 Steps Every Nature Photographer Needs To Maximize Success “

About Lou

I was born and bred in South Africa and over the many years I’ve had the privilege to not only live and travel throughout our magnificent continent and abroad, but to truly be touched and inspired by the stories the natural world tells.

If you have ever been on a safari in Africa I am sure you can acknowledge the breathtaking ambience, the majestic wildlife and the warm and wonderful people you encounter on your journey. 

The same can be said for many fantastic countries I visit every year.
Africa becomes part of your soul and forever and a day you will linger to return to experience once again the peace and tranquility that is unmistakably engraved in your being.

I am thankful for the many wonderful people I’ve encountered on my journey and look forward to sharing my passion and love of the natural world and the pictorial storytelling thereof, with those that are walking the mentorship program with me as well as my upcoming safari clients, not to mention the fantastic social media audience who are up font and centre cheering me on!

Africa is my home and for those that has yet to visit – you are in for an experience of a lifetime!

About Julie

Julie Steelman Wildlife Photographer
Once upon a time, Julie was a former corporate sales dynamo who turned to scuba diving and underwater photography as an escape from a chaotic career. Under a full moon in aquamarine blue waters of the Caribbean sea, she had a rare encounter with mating wild bottle nose dolphins that changed her life’s path forever. 
Julie felt like she had discovered the secret to heaven on earth and now dedicates her life to photographing the wild, sacred beauty of the animal Queendom. She hopes that her mesmerizing images communicate a sense of reverence and that they transport the viewer. She has ventured into the remotest regions on earth in search of what she calls “the hunt for the glorious”.
Julie has swum with large rare marine mammals, been buzzed by a humpback whale underwater, was the first to swim with and film tropical killer whales, has been charged by a baby elephant, stared down by a male black-maned lion and has had false killer whales echo-locate off her. 
Julie is now an award-winning photographer who hopes that her images transport viewers into the fascinating wild world. Julie’s video clips have been used in a Discovery Channel Shark Week episode, she has had multiple photos published in science and research books. She is now publishing her own works with her first book – Wild Sacred Beauty.  You can read more about Julie on her website: