Chobe Photo Safari

Join CNP Safaris on the most productive photography destination in the world!
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Chobe National Park

Botswana, Southern Africa

Let us help you capture a vast variety of wildlife on the river and numerous bird species including the beautiful baby Jacana’s.

Your photography is made all the better by using dedicated photographic boats with swivel chairs and gimbal heads making light work of even the heaviest camera equipment and allowing you to view all from eye-level & much closer than you could on land.

Your professional CNP Photo guide will be with you every step of the way making sure you get the best possible photographic results.



  • Easy logistics: One and a half hour flight by jet aircraft from Johannesburg. The Lodge is situated 5 minutes from the Kasane airport and your room is two minutes from our CNP Photography boat. Chobe National Park entrance is one minute away.
  • Stay in a exotic lodge, shoot from a unique custom photography boat with one CNP Professional per 7 photographers seated in  360° swivel chairs fitted with gimbals. Picture that, 360° unobstructed views at all time – no one in front of you, ever!
  • World class photography from worm eye view to birds eye view in seconds. Very relaxed dust free!
  • Incredible bang for your buck


African Elephant

Chobe sustains the largest population of African elephants in the world

Bird life

While know for the African Fish Eagle, African Jacana and African Pygmy Goose, Chobe hosts an abundance of African bird life.


You will laugh out loud when witnessing the comical behaviour of a troop of Chacma Baboons


Fiercely territorial and aggressive, this mammal ranks one of the most dangerous in the world.


Gathering in large social groups, basking on the banks or actively hunting, Chobe offers many amazing crocodile photo opportunities.


Chobe sustains the largest population of African elephants in the world, is renowned for it’s excellent bird photography as well as the variety and number of species available. Our photography boats allow you to view all of this from eye-level & much closer than you could on land.

To describe convincingly the sheer magic of the Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana is an impossible task.

You can tell people that the magnificent Chobe River sustains the largest population of African Elephants in the world.  You can talk about the phenomenal experience of being on a photography boat on the river and observing the frantic behaviour of a herd of elephants as they cross the river fifteen meters in front of you.  You can share the emotions you experience as you hold your breath while the little ones disappear sporadically under the water before their mothers and siblings lift them again and again to the surface.

You can describe the adrenalin rush of capturing images of hippos at eye-level or tell of the Pied Kingfisher hovering overhead before diving with astonishing accuracy to catch tiny fish for their chicks.

You can laugh out loud when describing the comical behaviour of a troop of Chacma Baboons as they cross the river from an island to the mainland.

Somehow your efforts to convey Chobe’s magic will always fall short of the real experience.

So, whenever people ask me to tell them about the wonders of Chobe, I always start with a little family story.  My wife Veronica used to say that one-day her ashes should be scattered over the Serengeti, but once she experienced the Chobe many years ago, she changed her mind and decided that Chobe should be her last resting place.

Photography on Chobe is a very intimate experience.  You tend to slow down and watch the dramas of nature unfold before your eyes.  However, it is not only a mammalian paradise.   The abundance of bird life will provide photographers of all levels with unbelievably exquisite photographic opportunities.




  • Full board accommodation at world class Chobe Safari / Bush Lodge,
  • Transfer from Kasane International Airport
  • Two photographic safaris daily on CNP Safaris specialist photographic boat
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks during each safari
  • Park and boat fees
  • Guidance from a professional CNP guide


  • Travel costs to Chobe, flying or driving
  • Fees for passport, visa, immunisations and insurance
  • Cross border transfers
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tips

2022 Dates & Prices

  • 13-19 April 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 27 April – 3 May 2022  R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 19 – 25 June 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 15-21 July 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 23-29 Aug 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 11-17 Sept 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 22-28 Sept 2022 R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 1-7 Oct 2022  R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s
  • 9-15 Nov 2022   R 36 850 p/p/s / US $ 2 750 p/p/s

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*Dedicated BirdLife South Africa & CNP Safaris Avi Adventure – contact for more details


  • World’s largest concentration of Elephants
  • Elephant and Buffalo crossings from June onwards when the water level starts to drop
  • From September Inter-Africa and European birds arrive to breed
  • Exceptional bird photography yearly from March to November
  • Rest of the year is good for mammal and reptile photography as they concentrate around the water
  • There is no bad time to visit the Chobe.


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