Safari Destinations

A destination should allow it’s wildlife stories to be told effectively demonstrating  behaviour, action and interaction.


Our destinations have been carefully put together by our experienced wildlife photographers to not only ensure that you have a great time, but that you get the opportunity to capture breathtaking wildlife photography moments.





Over the years we at CNP Safaris took extreme care when we added a photographic destination to our portfolio. The primary consideration under all circumstances will be that the destination must be photogenic with a high percentage of clean foregrounds and backgrounds. This will allow our clients to photograph wildlife stories, behaviour, action and interaction and take home photographs of a international standard


On most of our destinations our clients will have the advantage of photographing from the luxury of the world’s most advanced photographic platforms. We introduced the world’s first revolving photographic chair with gimbal support to wildlife photography 4 years before anybody else. We kept this advantage up by regular developments and our East African safari clients are sitting on our fifth generation photography chair in the best photography vehicle in the world.


What also separates the CNP Safari experience from the rest is the fact that we supply Professional Equipment FREE OF CHARGE on arrival at most of our destination. Please confirm at all times what is available at your destination of choice.