Expert photographers and guides with a passion for wildlife photography!

Lou Coetzer

Lou Coetzer’s years as a Sport Photographer, which were followed by a commitment to Portrait photography, shaped his current approach to the Wildlife genre.

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Neal Cooper

Neal has a passion for nature and a hunger for capturing quality images. He seeks out every opportunity to spend time outdoors

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Johan Greyling

Johan has been a member of PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) for the past seven years and holds the distinction of being an Associate Member.

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Wenzel Kotze

Since 2013, Wentzel Kotze has successfully led numerous CNP Safaris across the African Continent and has become a favourite among many CNP Safaris Clients.

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Hendri Coetzer

In 2002, Hendri started his full-time career as a photographer at the family-owned portrait studios, “The Photographer”, in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

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Elana Erasmus

Elana Erasmus is gifted with a deep technical understanding of the physics of Photography and it’s application in a digital age.

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