JAN 27, 2021 07:00 PM in Johannesburg

So what if my photographic journey was littered with unique attempts to break with conventional photographic wisdom and I experienced the taste of success along the way?

Growing into OM System

So how did I achieving next-level photographic imaging enhanced my life in profound ways?

What must one do when one is confronted with an unexpected opportunity to extend that journey?

One takes it. So did I.

My relentless never-ending search for next-level photography made me realise that we never experience the same moment twice in life, that beauty and adventure is all around me, and that I do not need to travel to an exotic destination to connect with nature.

“There always comes a point when one must take one’s own advice, to climb the walls of convention, one needs a partner that continuously break the barriers of technology. Doing the impossible is their LEGACY.

Life is found in the unexpected, the adventures, and the wildest of moments.


Time does not standstill. It does not make excuses or provide repeats BUT for them this partner exist. Doing the impossible is their legacy.

Who is the speaker?

Lou Coetzer

Lou Coetzer’s years as a Sport Photographer, which were followed by a commitment to Portrait photography, shaped his current approach to the Wildlife genre.

Wenzel Kotze

Wenzel Kotze

Since 2013, Wentzel Kotze has successfully led numerous CNP Safaris across the African Continent and has become a favourite among many CNP Safaris Clients.

Elana Erasmus

Elana Erasmus

Elana Erasmus is gifted with a deep technical understanding of the physics of Photography and it’s application in a digital age.