Masai Mara Photographic Safaris

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Please Note: Prices displayed are for international clients.  Should you be from a SADC country, please contact CNP at for pricing.

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The Masai Mara game park in Kenya has always beckoned strongly. It is, after all, one of the premier game-viewing forums on our planet. But CNP has hitherto resisted its call.

It was our considered decision not to take clients into the Mara until we could guarantee a photographic experience that would rival the very finest in the world.

But that moment has now arrived. We are ready and equipped to offer the Mara as the ultimate land-based venture into the realms of wildlife photography. Our vision of perfection has addressed principally four levels of client satisfaction. The first is mobility in the field. To this end we have harnessed decades of first-hand experience in wildlife photography to design and build specialised vehicles that meet the most challenging demands of comfort, flexibility and photographic application.

Two vehicles of ideal height, size and suspension, one  accommodating only 5 photographers and the second only 2 to 3 photographers, feature custom-built chairs that can swivel 360 degrees to suit any directional whim. And these are not just seats. They are luxurious, high-backed accommodations that have been moulded and upholstered to provide maximum body comfort. They come equipped with sophisticated controls for every possible positional adjustment, including gas-assisted height determinations and maneuverable camera supports featuring professional Wimberley heads. With only three photographers sharing the space in the vehicle, this is Business-Class-in-the-bush at its best!

Secondly, there are enough fridge facilities on board to keep food and drinks at the desired temperatures, while a bank of 220v plug points allows photographers to charge camera and laptop batteries in the field. This means that if an abundance of opportunities dictates, we are able to stay out shooting quite comfortably all day without returning to base.

But therein lies our third important facility, the location of our Lodge. In the past, many photographers have missed crucial Wildebeest crossings of the Mara River because of haphazard lodge-hopping itineraries. CNP has entered into a co-operative agreement with a company called “&Beyond”. They are acknowledged as Africa’s safari-market leaders. We are confident that our clients will eat and sleep exceptionally well while staying at their Kitchwa Temba Lodge. It is conveniently situated in a private concessionary area of the Mara close to the best viewing point for monitoring Wildebeest crossings of the Mara River. At the same time we have immediate and unfettered access to the vast numbers and varieties of game that make the rest of the Masai Mara one of the most abundant reservoirs of wildlife on earth.

The fourth dimension of excellence complementing our CNP Photographic Safari lies in the extensive professional expertise we are able to offer photographers and the equipment we are able to lend our clients free of charge. Not everyone owns or wants to carry around top-of-the-range Nikon cameras with the appropriate Nikon telephoto lenses. With this in mind, we carry a range of the latest cameras, lenses and converters with us, making these available to our clients so that they can return home with pictures they would otherwise never have dreamt of taking. That is why our crew, fully trained in all the technical features of photographic and processing equipment, is on constant standby to observe and advise. Their knowledge even extends to brands outside of the Nikon family. But that is not all.

The essence of taking good animal pictures lies in an acute perception and understanding of animal behaviour. That we have in abundance. Having spent years in the field capturing some of the rarest moments ever witnessed in the animal kingdom, we are confident that our clients in the Mara will not miss any opportunity to produce world-class photographic memories. Join us for your photographic adventure of a lifetime!


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Available Dates

10 – 18 September 2017 (8 Nights), 19 – 27 September 2017 (8 Nights), 14 – 19 January 2018 (5 Nights), 21 – 27 January 2018 (6 Nights), 3 – 11 February 2018 (8 Nights), 21 – 26 February 2018 (5 Nights), 12 –
21 February 2018 (9 Nights), 27 February – 4 March 2018 (5 Nights), 2 – 10 August 2018 (8 Nights), 13 – 21 August 2018 (8 Nights), 21 – 29 August 2018 (8 Nights), 3 – 11 September 2018 (8 Nights), 12 -20 September 2018 (8 Nights)