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Many wildlife photographers go through a lifetime of their art without ever exploring the rewards of Landscape Photography.

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General Information

Our Kagga Kamma Photographic Safaris have been designed to appeal, not only to dedicated landscape photographers, but also to those wildlife enthusiasts who wish to expand their horizons of photographic genre and experience. After extensive research, we have chosen one of the most spectacular locations in Africa for our workshop. At Kagga Kamma, in the Cape Cedarberg Mountains close to Ceres, participants will be treated to Startrail, Panoramic and Landscape photographic opportunities of unrivalled quality and inspiration. Famed for its exquisite rock formations and well-preserved examples of San Rock Art, this mountainous region is perfectly disposed to photographic composition and the varied applications of light.

Not only have we secured First-class accommodation and food of superb quality for this workshop, but CNP has selected dates that promise optimum weather conditions while coinciding with phases of the New Moon that are ideal for Night Photography.

What is included?

Transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport. First-class accommodation on a full-board basis that provides all breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the duration of the workshop. Day-time and night-time transfers to and from all the various points of photographic interest. Practical experience with tuition in the field as well as technical and theoretical training before and after field trips. Emphasis will be on night photography, star-trail photography, landscapes and panoramic stitching.

What is not included?

All alcoholic drinks and items of a personal nature.

Kagga Kamma Calendar

All dates for our Kagga Kamma Safari are currently booked. Please contact us for more information.

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